Rainfall Updates

Today Rainfall got a bit of an update – a really, profoundly basic blog. It’s as basic as it is because I built it myself with (at best) a hazy idea about the baseline kinds of functionality I wanted.

It was a good lesson, for me, in just what the most basic thing that solves the problem would look like.

It was necessary to create one because I wanted to have the dialogue open from the start with regards to what we’re building. I also wanted to be able to discuss the development of the application somewhere other than this blog since Rainfall is outside the scope of a lot of what I would prefer to discuss here.

Also, if you head over and read the brand new Rainfall blog early enough, you’ll catch it before Luke brings it in line with the style of the rest of the site, which may be exciting or something I ought to be embarrassed by (I’m not, for the record).

Anyway, building it got me thinking about silver bullets. This was an experience that I wanted to have because I’m currently using a pretty robust piece of software to blog here (WordPress!) and it was very enlightening to see just how much goes into something as basic as the Rainfall blog.

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