Start a Dev Blog

Seriously, do it. Start blogging about what you’re working on, or something you find interesting. I’ll give you my perspective: I’m an in-house developer for a manufacturer. Most of the things I work on aren’t public-facing, so I can’t show them off to others. None of the code I write for my job is openContinue reading “Start a Dev Blog”

The Value of Leetcode

My day-to-day work doesn’t always involve interesting programming challenges. That’s the nature of this work – sometimes you’re building something grand, sometimes you’re sweeping the floor. Things like Project Euler and Leetcode have always been in the back of my mind. This week, I became determined to begin working my way through the problems foundContinue reading “The Value of Leetcode”

JavaScript’s NaN

I wanted to write something about NaN because this occupies a weird space in JavaScript and might not behave like you suspect it should when doing equality comparisons. It also came up recently, and I want to make absolutely certain that I don’t forget the manner in which I should handle this thing. My firstContinue reading “JavaScript’s NaN”

Let’s Talk About Twitter

Twitter, apparently, got bought out this week by someone who had enough money laying around for that kind of weird flex. I think this was a foolish idea but from the standpoint of a developer. I’m going to come out swinging with some bold claims and, as always, I’m perfectly open to being argued outContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Twitter”

Useful Experience

I’ve been in a Senior Developer role for a little while now; long enough to start thinking about how to convey the usefulness of experience to more junior developers. There are a lot of jokes in our profession about being really good at using Google, or copying and pasting from Stack Overflow. Humor is importantContinue reading “Useful Experience”


I happen to know a Systems Administrator that is currently waging a battle against a truly ridiculous password policy. Based on the other content around here, you’ll no doubt figure out that I’m a software developer and not even one with a specialization in security. This is fine: my defense is that we should probablyContinue reading “Passwords!”


I’ve recently found it necessary to set up an audit log because I have some thrilling business requirements that demand I do so. Luckily, it appears that I’m not the first person that had to solve this problem and there was something available for my use. Even better, it looked pretty straightforward to use! However,Continue reading “Audit.NET”

OLKB Preonic: Longish Term

Alright so this is really programming-adjacent, and not fully about programming. That’s fine, I’ll allow it. It is my blog after all. So: since January of 2021 I’ve been doing the vast majority of my writing and programming on an OLKB Preonic. Full disclosure – it originally arrived in September 2020 and I assembled it,Continue reading “OLKB Preonic: Longish Term”


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