Did It Rain?

The title of this post poses a question that I found strangely difficult to answer. Why would I even care about rainfall in the past, anyway?

Well, if you look around the blog a bit, you probably see some photos of my bikes. Strange, for a programming blog, but there they are.

Bikes like this one. They don’t have a lot to do with programming, but they are a refreshing change from looking at screens or code!

The reason I care so much about rainfall is because riding wet mountain bike trails (“singletrack”) ranges from simply rude to downright destructive, so I won’t do it. That said, I know some areas don’t have the same problems because their trails are built with that in mind, or whatever. The point is, the trails I have the easiest access to make no secret of the fact that they want you off the trail when it’s wet.

I ended up having to routinely hunt around for an answer to “Did it rain?” just so that I was able to effectively plan a trip to whatever trail was currently dry. This was maddening. At some point, I realized I was a developer and I could totally fix this problem myself, though it took longer than I care to admit.

So if you’re reading this, https://rainfall.app is live and it is ready to answer your question as succinctly as it possibly can. We’ve got more plans for it in the future but it seemed useful enough to launch it in such a simple state.

There are updates coming to make it more clear just what exactly this tool does, and we’re kicking around ideas about how to cleanly show the local conditions and maybe some forecasting. Our goal is to build an eminently usable weather tool that answers your immediate questions and doesn’t inundate you with extra information that you probably don’t need.

Published by Joe

I'm a software developer from Minnesota. I also ride bikes!

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