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I’m Joe, a software developer (and blog author!) from Minnesota.

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Rainfall Updates

Today Rainfall got a bit of an update – a really, profoundly basic blog. It’s as basic as it is because I built it myself with (at best) a hazy idea about the baseline kinds of functionality I wanted. It was a good lesson, for me, in just what the most basic thing that solvesContinue reading “Rainfall Updates”

Did It Rain?

The title of this post poses a question that I found strangely difficult to answer. Why would I even care about rainfall in the past, anyway? Well, if you look around the blog a bit, you probably see some photos of my bikes. Strange, for a programming blog, but there they are. The reason IContinue reading “Did It Rain?”

Expando Objects!

I recently had a need to use objects that had properties I could define or remove at runtime in C#. I’m embarrassed to admit that I actually didn’t know that such a thing existed, because I don’t usually use the language in that capacity. It generally doesn’t make sense to, either, because you lose aContinue reading “Expando Objects!”

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